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the chosen,best transmog tiers,sells cheap!

  • 2018-06-22
  • The chosen, that is very powerful title when you passed ToS 3/3 mythis mode ,you will get that achievement. Meanwhile , together with achievement title it will email you a set of transmog , if you are paladin class,then plate all armos can use it for beautiful transmog, even it is 100 levels . Mythic trail of valor ,there are belong to 7.0 raid.has 3bosses Trial of Valor Encounters Odyn – In ages past, Odyn led the titan-forged armies against the Black Empire of the Old Gods. But for millennia he has been confined to the Halls of Valor by the curse of his bitter nemesis, Helya. Odyn seeks mortal champions to vanquish the ruler of Helheim and secure his freedom. Helya – Though she once served as Odyn's right hand, the vengeful Helya will stop at nothing to ensure her ancient…

New pet currency added to old currency is still

  • 2018-06-20
  • The pet charm was renamed the shiny pet charm. The shiny pet charm can still be obtained from the BFA's previous pets against the world mission A new currency has been added - the polished pet charm. You can get it from the BFA, like pets versus world missions. Vendors selling combat pet items have changed their merchandise to a pet charm that needs to be polished as currency. For example, the Serr'ah of dalaran now needs to polish pet spells. Similar merchants selling such goods have also adjusted their prices. Unique pets and toys still require shiny pet charms to buy. For example, shining pet charms can still be used to buy all the pets and toys of gyada kinso of dalaran. Portable pet portal (set the maximum number of pets on your account to 1500. Each account can only be used once.…

  • 2018-06-19
  • Shackled Ur'zul is a 100% chance loot mount from defeating Argus in The ABT on Mythic difficulty. It will be changed to 1% drop after 8.0 new patch. Before new patch 8.0 coming,we have a few spots to carry someone to get it.Support selfplay or item ilvls required.only need reach 110levels. If any query ,you can add my skype:speed4game002, i will be online anytime^^.  

the chosen,you desert it!

  • 2018-06-15
  • "the chosen", ~The Chosen Title - End Season TOV Transmog if pass TOS 3/3 mythic bosses,  without death,then you can give a very honorable title and transmog 9pieces tiers, in different four armors,looks good.and it will not exsit in 8.0 and later patch, we have team each week doing this achievement, and price is only 69.99dollars on website. players pls do cherish the good chance and never miss it.

Mage Tower Challenge(END SEASON SALE)

  • 2018-06-14
  • Mage Tower Challenge(END SEASON SALE) The end of the legionnaires' re-entry means that the mage tower challenge is over. So you should have such a cool look before 8.0. Come find us and challenge the appearance of the mage tower.

Keystone master artifact appearance will remain

  • 2018-06-13
  • The appearance of keystone master artifact is still available in azeroth With the continuation of the azeroth Beta and our consideration of the transition from legionnaires' second coming to azeroth, we have decided to make the existing keystone achievements permanent. No new achievements will be made in completing the epic keystone dungeon on the 15th floor or above in the new film. The artifact appearance associated with keystone master is still available in the race for supremacy of azeroth. Players can before August 13, the achievement in the bianconeri return, or in the supremacy of azeroth after the release of several Zhou Shishi key stone dungeons open epic levels in 120 to complete 15 key stone dungeons when available. This means that only the basic artifact appearance of the mages…

mount package

  • 2018-06-12
  • Below mounts are on hot sell, if you need any help, just contact me, i will help you out. My skype is speed4game002.  

The Chosen Title - End Season TOV Transmog

  • 2018-06-11
  • This is one of the chievement will be taken out at 8.0 , so if you want keep the transmog , you need get it before 8.0 , its not easy to do ,we provide service to help you get it easily ! and price only 69usd ! Buy link feel free come to us buy and book it ! Thanks !

M gul'dan mount will change drop rate!

  • 2018-06-08
  • hello boys and girls, Official announced 8.0 patch will open in Aug 14th for us server. mounts collectors should be attention to get your favorable dungeons mount sooner ,buz it will change drop to rare rate quickly! Mythic mode of nighthold for 20raiders dungeons will 100% drop rate for one red Gul'dan now, it is very nice mount,cool and special designed,collectors cannot miss it. this link for your preference,it is recommended and really worth of buying it.  

Battle for Azeroth Preview: Nazmir Visitor

  • 2018-06-07
  • Once the shining heart of troll civilization, Nazmir is now a bleak swamp riddled with ruined reminders of its former greatness. In the current troll capital of Zuldazar, stories are passed down from generation to generation cautioning children to behave, lest Nazmir’s twisted practioners of blood magic come to snatch them from their beds. And those who dare brave the swamp have a terrible habit of disappearing, never to return. The blood trolls of Nazmir are the monsters that haunt every Zandalari child’s nightmares
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