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The lastest raid TOS is hot selling!

  • 2017-06-23
  • hello wow dear players,The Normal/Heroic mode for Tomb of Sargeras  9/9 Personal Loot Run package: You will get 9/9 bosses killed in the Normal/Heroic Tomb of Sargeras raid. It's a Personal Loot run. You will get random Ilvl900-910~+ (for normal)915-925~herioc loots,tiers,trinkets, relics, warforged, titianforged, BOES and so on, for chosen loot specialization which will power your character up. You will have chance to obtain Ilvl970 legendaries and legendary upgrade items. Both selfplay and pilot supported. REQUIREMENTS A level 110 character. if You don't have one, please take a look at Power Leveling page. We can carry you cross realms. So you don't need to transfer character. Don't have character Item Levels required. You can come with a new level 110 toon. Notes: Please…

The Midsummer Fire Festival Is Fine. Everything Is

  • 2017-06-22
  • What’s New? Wrath of the Frost Lord—If you’re over level 60 and have battled Frost Lord Ahune in recent years, you may have noticed he’s been feeling a little weak and sorry for himself. To make things interesting, this year we prescribed bed rest until the festival and helped him out with a power boost. He’s feeling much, much better. Unfortunately for you. Feel the Burn—This year, there’s a new toy for you to misbehave with: a Set of Matches. The toy is available from your familiar, fair-of-face, friendly, flirty, Fire Festival vendors for 500 Burning Blossoms. (Try saying that after too much Fiery Festival Brew.) When you purchase the toy, we highly recommend you find a Kevlar jacket and an isolated spot for your first…

Mage Tower Chanllenge HOT Selling Now

  • 2017-06-21
  • NOW,we can do the all character and talent Mage Tower Challenge. If you are interesting to do it for your character ,you can come to our website live chat to ask the correct price,or you can add my skype:speed4game001.  To do the Mage Tower Challenge ,you need to prepare about 2k-3k nethershard. And there is more than about one day to do it. http://ttps://

The HEROIC Tomb of Sargeras 9/9 Personal Loot Run

  • 2017-06-20
  • Guys, we are selling The HEROIC Tomb of Sargeras 9/9 Personal Loot Run now. killing 9 bosses in The heroic tomb of Sargeras raid, and you will get random level 900-910+ loot,tiers, trinkets, relics, warforged,titianforged, BOES and so on, for chosen loot specialization which will power your character up. appropriate for your class and spec. Purchase now you can get high gear for Mage Tower Challenge. If you are interested in it, and any other questions you can contact me by skype,my skype is speed4game002,my name is Angelica^^.have a good day! More information:


  • 2017-06-19
  • Blizzard is pleased to announce the Overwatch® Open Division, where amateur players who live for competition can flex their skills in a new and challenging open tournament series. Thousands of heroes leaped into the fray for Overwatch Contenders, and the Season Zero open qualifiers in North America and Europe have been a dramatic showcase of some of the best talent in the West. Many more of you across the world are itching to make the jump from the Overwatch Competitive Play mode to a more formal, structured tier of competition, where the demands of esports elevate players with true grit and skill. Now, the wait is over. For those who've attained Master rank or higher in the most recent season of Overwatch Competitive Play (February 28 – May 28 PDT), get ready to assemble…

Newly pet for hunter is on the shelf!

  • 2017-06-16
  • hey dear wow players, Today we find more thing exciting,the lastest pet of 7.2.5 patch for hunter. This losing flame lava scorpion discoved by petopia Valnaaros.before there is bug,hunter can get it via other method.but up to now ,blizzard have repaired this bug.but in the patch of 7.2.5,players can get this pet forever. This monster is staying in the pool of front blaming fire,and it is familiar with losing normal scorpion. It seems blizzard gave us a newly blaming can find it in the button of big is neither an elite,nor rare is a pet for don’t need special mhanism,go straight and train him directly. This Pet Price set up at 35dollars and is required to abtain by account sharing service need to Piloted the account Requirement…

Hotfixes: June 14

  • 2017-06-15
  • Hotfixes Chromie Scenario Andorhal: Brother Grigory and Talessah Towhide should cast their full heal spell less often. In Dragonblight, Chromie is now a very important NPC, well-marked on maps, and player-versus-player activities are forbidden in the area around her. Class Halls Artifact Research Notes work order shipments now have a duration of 3 hours and 36 minutes. (Hotfix in testing) Blood of Sargeras can now be obtained from Class Hall vendors at a price of 5 Blood of Sargeras for 5,000 Order Resources. Items (Hotfix in testing) Fixed a bug preventing Mythic Keystone information from displaying properly when linked in chat. Unseen Predator's Cloak will now correctly increase the Critical Strike chance of Cobra Spit (Spitting Cobra talent) and the Critical Strike chance of the periodic…

Learn more about 7.2.5

  • 2017-06-14
  • Within the 7.2.5 coming, there is some things changed. 1.The Mythic Keystone end-of-dungeon reward chest now contains a third item for the group when the dungeon is completed within the time limit. 2.Clearing Mythic Keystone levels above 15 will have a chance of dropping additional items (roughly one extra item awarded per 3 difficulty levels beyond 15). 3.Added Group Finder activities for Mythic Trial of Valor and Nighthold. 4.Mythic Trial of Valor and Nighthold can now be entered by cross-server groups 5.Legion Raid bosses now have a new Artifact Power item that drops 100% of the time, once per week, on all difficulties except Raid Finder. Bosses in the newest Raid drop more Artifact Power than older Raids. 6.On Raid Finder difficulty, bosses no longer drop Artifact Power items. Artifact…

Hellfire Infernal- Mythic Gul'dan Mount is on hot

  • 2017-06-13
  • Hellfire Infernal: it's a 100% chance loot mount from defeating Gul'dan in the Nighthold on Mythic difficulty. now we have a special price for it,you can use "vipboost" this code to place order, it is 20% discount. If you are interested in it, and any other questions you can contact me by skype,my skype is speed4game002,my name is Angelica^^.have a good day!

Mage Tower will close in 5hours !

  • 2017-06-12
  • Catch last 5hours to get your cool artifact weapon appearance ! we can do all classes/spec ! Buy link
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