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How to Fast Level Up in Black Desert?

  • 2019-02-17
  • Black Desert Online is a massive, amazing world, and there are countless hunting spots spilling over with evil monsters to vanquish! So many mobs to hunt, and oh so few hours to the day! Got no time to level up in Black Desert? You could hire a pro to help! Just visit our website and find a veteran to do leveling & skilling and obtain Energy and Contribution. If you buy Black desert boosting service from us- speed4game, you will receive high-quality services with a low price, and you will get excellent results in a short time. Why do we have the confidence to say that? We have the most professional black desert players, could provide the most professional Black Desert Power Leveling service, it's fast and…

Battle of Dazar’alor Mythic Are Available Now

  • 2019-01-30
  • World of Warcraft's newest raid has been out for a week now and that means it's time for Mythic, the raid's hardest difficulty, to be released. Mythic Battle of Dazar'alor opens on January 29th (NA) and 30th (EU). In Battle of Dazar'alor, just like every other raid, the release of the hardest difficult comes with a fanfare of competition as the world’s top guilds race to see who can finish all of the encounters first. Just like last time around, when it managed to capture the coveted title of world first, one of the world’s top guilds, Method will be stream all of its progress through the raid. Obviously, this will spark off another race to World First — the record for working through the raid and downing the final boss before anyone else in the game.…

Allied New Races Unlock Powerlevling Service

  • 2019-01-29
  • Allied Races are a new type of playable race in Battle for Azeroth. They also have their own racial abilities. Allied races get a full character kit including their own emotes, flirts, funnies, exertions, and so on. There are eight announced Allied Races now: Alliance Races: Void Elf, Lightforged Draenei, Dark Iron Dwarf, Kul Tiran Humans. Horde Races: Nightborne, Highmountain Tauren, Mag'har Orc,Zandalari Troll. The four original Allied Races are playable with Battle for Azeroth pre-purchase, live on January 31st.  Dark Iron Dwarves and Mag'har Orcs are available in Battle for Azeroth launch after completing the 8.0 War Campaign and reaching Exalted with the War Campaign faction. Zandalari…

Glory of the Dazar'alor Raider Achievement Guide

  • 2019-01-27
  • Today is the first week of the second Tides of Vengeance online. The battle of Dazar'alor has opened up. The whole azeroth is much more exciting than before. So what are the achievements of the battle of Dazar'alor, and what should be done about them? Below with small guide to understand it together. 1. Can I Get a Hek Hek Hek Yeah? For this achievement you will need to steal 3 shinies from each of the enemies in the Champions of the Light encounter. There is one Crusader, two Disciples and the Champion of the Light, so you will have to steal a total of 6 shinies from the Disciples, 3 from the Crusaders and 3 from the Champion. Before starting the encounter, you will find a clickable Mysterious Trashpile which will grant you the Jani's Favor debuff. Every member in your…

Buy Battle of Dazar’alor Boosting Service

  • 2019-01-24
  • In world of warcraft 8.1, players are finally getting their hands on the second raid of Battle of Azeroth---Battle of Dazar’alor. Within this raid, players will take part in a siege or defense of the ancient capital and crush 9 unique bosses from 12 factions along the way. As usual, this replica has four classic difficulty levels : LFR、Normal、Hero、Mythic. Now, both the normal and heroic difficulty modes of the Battle of Dazar’alor are  open, and both offer unique encounters for the horde and alliance player factions -- as well as the opportunity to play from the opposing faction's perspective. As a professional game boosting company, our speed4game team is pleased to announce that, after preliminary research by our professional team,…

TCG Swift Spectral Tiger and Spectral Tiger

  • 2019-01-22
  • Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger and Reins of the Spectral Tiger, the two mounts are very similar, and are often confused, but there are still some differences between them: Different sizes:  Spectral Tiger is 60% mount, that is, small mount, and Swift Spectral Tiger is 100% mount, it's big mount. Different models: Swift Spectral Tiger is armored, like the horse in the dark, and Spectral Tiger is unarmored, like the leopard in the dark. The Swift Spectral Tiger uses a skin that's more armored. It has armor on its legs and along its tail where as the Spectral Tiger does not.  Different levels: Spectral Tiger is level 20 and requires only primary horsemanship. Swift spirit tiger is level 40 and requires intermediate horsemanship    …

Buy NBA 2K19 Boosting Service from Speed4game

  • 2019-01-21
  • From first-rate picture quality and high playability, to breakthrough game mode, to the fascinating open world "community", NBA 2K has been constantly refreshing the definition of sports game for 20 years. The latest masterpiece NBA 2K19 will continue to break through the limit, allowing players to get the closest to the real basketball experience, experience the most pure basketball culture. Time is precious. It is a very troublesome and time-consuming process to spend a lot of time to obtain VC, badge, MT and power leveling every day. Therefore, Speed4game continue to provide professional training services to players, including VC (VIRTUAL CURRENCY), Badges, MT Points, and Power level bossing service. Just leave the tasks to us, we are the best professional…

Best Time of Carrying Uldir Heroic 8/8 Root

  • 2019-01-17
  • Now, if you choose us - speed4game to boost Heroic Uldir 8/8 Loot for you, you will get all of this as below at a very favorable price : You will get 8/8 bosses killed in the Heroic Uldir,Halls of Control raid You will gain the Feats of Strength achievement: Ahead of the Curve: G'huun. In fact,there is less than a week left to achieve this out-of-print achievement.  It's a personal loot run,You will get random  ilvl 370+ Loots. And you can use roll coins.  And there is a good news! Our Top3 server guild going to clean up Uldir HC today (01/16). Tonight’s (16th January) raids schedule as below: 8 PM EST ULDIR HEROIC HORDE self and share available 10 PM EST ULDIR HEROIC HORDE self and share available 9 PM EST HORDE ULDIR MYTHIC self and share available…

World Quest Clear Service

  • 2019-01-14
  • As an important means to familiarize yourself with the world of azeroth and to promote the plot, World quests is the basis of all adventures in world of warcraft. Quests offer a steady stream of adventure opportunities and lucrative rewards for players of every race. Thanks to the variety and number of quests, players can continually take on challenges that are worth taking risks on - whether they're playing long hours every day or just for a while in their spare time. Many quests can be completed by a single player alone, while others require multiple players to collaborate and take risks together, sometimes taking a week or more.      When you don't have the time or energy to complete these various world tasks, Just leave it to us-speed4game. We are at your service.…

Buy WoW Black Market Mounts/Items from speed4game

  • 2019-01-11
  • Black market mounts are those that are sold by NPCS and then bid for by players. Many rare mounts/items are sold on the black market, but most of the time, we can't order these precious mounts in seconds. Even if there are lots of golds in our account, we can only watch the mounts that we want so much was taken away by others.        Please don't worry or be sad anymore, speed4game can help you get them now! Our professional team will wait for the black market refreshes on all servers with our own account, 16-24 hours a day, until the mount/item you want to buy appears. Please prepare an account which used to bid black market mount/item , or create a new sub-account, which does not require character level 120 or character realm transfer. We will log in your account,…
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