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8.1 patch is coming

When World of Warcraft 8.1 will be launched and how many changes will be made            

In the World of Warcraft game version 8.1 has already spread the news, but it's too late to see the online news. I believe that the players are very looking forward to this version. The following edition brings a list of the online time and changes of version 8.1, hoping to help you all.           

In the World of Warcraft game, version 8.1 has already spread the news, but it's too late to see the news on the line. I believe that the players are very looking forward to this version. The following edition brings a list of 8.1 version on-line time and changes, hoping to help you all.           

List of online time and changes for version 8.1

World of Warcraft 8.1 Official Apparel Dec. 11 (National Apparel 13) The conflict between the alliance and the tribe may not be obvious enough in the current version, but then it will be different.     It will improve the correlation between points on the map, not just a group of unrelated monsters as it is now.          

The enemy in the duplicate is the enemy camp, and the experience of the duplicate of the two camps is different.            O The Alliance attacked from the dock, climbed the pyramids and finally faced King Rastaha.            O Tribes defend their main city, fighting back from the north of the pyramid, arriving at King Lastaha in the middle of the replica, and finally confronting coalition forces at the port, eventually confronting coalition commanders and Jaina at the seaside.            O The two camps will experience six Boss battles with different processes.       

After completing the unique process of the camp, you can experience three other Boss battles exclusive to the hostile camp.      System improvement:            Including career changes, new Azerit features, new professional recipes, copies of Normaligan pet warfare, and more!            The development team learned something from the current Azerit features. The current version is only the most basic form. The new version will increase the complexity of the system and add new features.            As in previous documentaries, the initial set effect is simple and rough, and the complex set effect will only be added in subsequent versions.            Maps and prestige will be improved.            Azeroth's Warrior Reputation offers necklaces and other rewards (reverence, reverence plus 15) that will become account sharing, and your other 120-level characters will be rewarded directly without further prestige.            The prestige limit required for illusion will be removed.            The X Reputation Worship Achievements will count all the roles on the account.           

The Kurtillans and the Zandalah Trolls can be recruited in the events following Tuanben. If you have achieved worship in the Zandala/Proudmoore Naval Department and completed the battle, no other steps are required.

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