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Buying WoW US Gold from speed4game in 2019

Speed4game is a trusted WoW US Gold seller, we have a lot of World of Warcraft Gold for sale, as you can see, they are the cheapest. Then you can buy gear you like.

After you choose a server, we will provide you with the safest and fastest delivery method.

Auction house Trading (no limit):-recommend-
When you put the item into the auction house, give it a price. We will make an appointment time with you. Please ensure that your item is higher than the green quality. The auction house charges 530G for 1wG, and the handling fee will be borne by us.
Tip: If your item on AH does not meet our requirements, we will suspend the transaction and contact you in time.​
Face-to-face transactions (same faction):
Trading gold is a very normal game behavior in "World of Warcraft". If you want to trade a small amount of gold and you can use them in time, I suggest you choose this trading method. 
You need to provide the character name and server when trading.
Tip: Be careful, we will not let you return the gold for any reason.
Trading guild (same faction):
If you want to buy a lot of gold, we recommend you choose guild trade. Guild name are required before trading, and then our traders are allowed to enter your guild. If you don't have a guild, it doesn't matter, We will help you establish a guild.
Tip: We will provide the name of our character, and let our character enter your guild to store gold in time.

After-sales: If there is a problem, please provide the corresponding game screenshots and Blizzard email information within 48 hours, we will give you timely processing.

Finally we suggest that you spend the gold as quickly as possible after receiving it. This greatly decreases the chance that Blizzard removes the gold your had bought.

Why speed4game?

  1. Speed4game was the best website to farm WOW gold for sale.We have our own full time gold farm guys.
  2. We are selling Light's Hope Gold,Kronos Gold,Kronos 3 Gold,Nighthaven Gold, Warmane Outland Gold,Icecrown Gold,Lordaeron Gold,Leveing, Items, PVE & PVP Boosting service.
  3. We usually deal with 10~30 Gold orders every day. professional and efficient!
  4. 100% Hand-made guaranteed, No bot in game!
  5. Enough gold in stock, Instant delivery. 

Buy WoW Gold Notes:

  1. Please select the correct service to place an order.
  2. Please use gold yourself only. Do not mail gold to your other toons or friends.
  3. Recently we found someone pretended to be our guys.They whispered many players , get very cheap gold by sending money to their paypal directly in game .Please ignor them. Speed4game won't whisper customers in game.
  4. Recommend a friend to buy WOW Private Servers Gold from our website,You will get 10% gold coupons as appreciation!


Q: Why we chosed "Aucthion House" to delivery WoW US gold?
A: Because It's the safest way to deliver gold in WoW. We also tried many methods,like "mail in game", "trade face to face",  then come to a conclusion.

Q: How to bid items on AH?
A: For example, you purchased 100 Gold from our website. please log in game to put 6 items = 105 gold on AH:,likes:
    5*[sagefish delight], 20 gold buy out each,
    1*[sagefish delight], 5 gold buy out.
    Then pass this information to your customer support girl. our delivery guys will buy all items you just bided. You will get 100 gold by checking your AH mails from mailbox in game at once.

Q: What should I note to buy WoW gold? How to make sure it is 100% secure?
1, Please use your LEVEL 60 character to put UNUSUAL items, like quest/raid item on Auction House. Don't put cheap NPC items.
2, Do not give gold back to anyone who ask gold back. too many scammers in game.
3, Please use gold yourself only. DO NOT trade or mail gold/items to your other toons or friends.
4, We found someone pretended to be our guys in game recently, They whispered players to get cheaper gold by sending them money directly not from our website. please just ignore him. We never wishpered customers in game for sales.

Welcome to buy WOW US gold from speed4game online shop.


100% Safety Guarentee

Having 12 years of experience in the business allows us to efficiently and confidently deal with all kinds of issues. We also sport multiple farming teams along with world wide suppliers who farm by hand to ensure that we can deliver our goods safely and securely.

Instant Delivery

More than 90% of our orders are completed in half an hour and we have the best after-sale service.

Best Prices Anywhere

Our overwhelming stock size gives us confidence that our prices are the lowest that you will find!

100% Refund Policy

100% Money-back Refunds can be made as long as the order is cancelled before the goods arrive. Most reimursements will take up to 24-48 hours to be processed.

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